Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sirona Knight and Plagiarism

Hale the tru!

There are oft whispers of this case of Sirona Kinght having plagiarized Freya Aswynn along with a few other Runic authors including Thorsson and Pennick.

To settle the record straight it is reported by Aswynn that Llewellyn, and a court of law, found in her favour and Sirona Knight was found guilty of and, fined for plagiarism for her *Little Giant Book of Runes*. Her defence is that the publisher pulled the bibliography and we say well then Ms Knight should have pulled the plug on Sterling! Even if this was an accident it changes not the fact that this still falls upon her!

Please see the link below to understand why the courts found as they did. Tyrs Drighton has done a wonderful job in formatting the case.


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As usual this case is old but, seems to keep resurfacing as it has recently done...Sigh sigh sigh It's like the trolls can not get anything knew to bash Ms Aswynn with so they keep bringing up the same old thing over and over and over again. Sad.

M Odinsdatter


Sirona said...

This is total bullshit and everyone knows it. Anyone that has met me and anyone who has met Asswipe knows the difference between a kind hearted person and a mean spirited person. Come on, get a read thought. The only thing that was found in court was that I put a bibliography in the book, and Sterling took it out. That was all that was settled in court. Now the bibliography has been put back in. There was NO plagerism and that was never what was settled on--only the bibliography, and Asswyn knows this and so does everyone who works for Llewellyn and Sterling. Asswyn has claimed many authors steal her work, but it's total crap, and anyone that can read can see that. I dare yo to check it out. Don't take my word for it. The truth will prevail. And A.J.Drew--I don't know you anymore so stop putting my name in your blogs--your are deliberately using my name as a stick which is bogus and pretty darn nasty. You really need to watch THE SECRET, and embrace some of its more positive concepts. So be it! Blessed be! Ayea Odin! My friend and spiritual father!

Sirona Knight
October 6, 2008

Selima said...

Well written article.

Anonymous said...

At last the mystery of why Aswynn never showed the results found in court. Her excuse was that it was confidential and that she wasn't allowed to talk about it. Hmmmm, it seems that Aswynn may have done this to "big up" herself. I was living in her house at the time this happened, so I was witness to ALL THE THINGS SHE SAID!

Anonymous said...

Yes this case is old, and there is lots of gossip, but can anyone prove anything? The only people proclaiming Sirona's guilt seem to have an awful lot to say and the stuff thats out there actually makes it look like Aswynn stole bits from other people before this kicked off! Aswynn has only ever written one book (the others are rehashes) and has promised more to come, but seems INCAPABLE of doing so. Sirona speaks the truth, she is a prolific author, and this has never happened before or since.
The person responsible for printing most of the rubbish is herself wanted for mis-representation of other things......more news to come....